Bali Bandanas: A brief look at wearing bandanas on the beaches of Bali, Indonesia

Bali Bandanas: A brief look at wearing bandanas on the beaches of Bali, Indonesia

Visitors to Bali, Indonesia find its streets and beaches full of colorful fashions featuring ultra-lightweight fabrics and vibrant batik patterns. One fashion item, in particular, appeals to both genders – the bandana or scarf. Why is everyone wearing these oversized bandanas? They provide function and fashion by protecting the wearer from the weather, providing a cover up for areas requiring modesty, and dressing up any outfit.

Bali by day boasts warm to hot temperatures and constant sun. Throughout the year, its daylight temperatures range from 68F to 91F. On Bali’s beaches, you may need to sweep your hair out of your eyes for fishing or kayaking. It gets breezy to windy, requiring a balaclava to keep sand from blowing in your eyes and mouth. After sunset, the temperatures can dip and the bandana or scarf makes a great wrap for over the shoulders. If you visit during December through March, you’ll experience the heavy rains and high humidity of monsoon season. Your bandana helps keep the rain out of your eyes and your head dry worn as a hood or neckerchief. The colorful bandanas you spot everyone wearing have multiple uses to protect against the variable weather and save everyone from needing to carry a seperate headband, hoodie, umbrella, jacket, and more.

Many people associate Bali with Hinduism, the religion practiced by most on the island. The predominant religion in Indonesia though is Islam. While bathing suits and shorts work fine on the beach, in town or when visiting neighboring towns, men should wear trousers and women should wear skirts that fall below the knee out of cultural and religious respect, says Travel Fashion Girl. The Bali bandana or scarf comes in handy in this situation, too. The weather encourages women to wear sleeveless tops, but these would be disrespectful if visiting one of the country’s famed temples. Use your bandana or scarf as a shoulder wrap.

Traditional Bali bandanas or scarves use ultra-lightweight cotton or silk. Modern designs use microfiber. The three fabrics have these important aspects in common:
– They’re breathable.
– They dry quickly.
– They provide UVA/UVB protection.
The large bandanas people wear around Bali can be worn numerous ways, explains Pulau Outfitters. Most commonly, you’ll see them used as a hood, headband, hairband, balaclava, mask, follard, cap, do rag, scrunchy, and shoulder wrap. They feature batik prints or solid colors. For women, the simple piece of fabric becomes an integral fashion accessory while visiting the famed paradise.

While in Bali, the bandana or scarf becomes an indispensable functional fashion item. Pick up a few while you visit to bring home a bit of Bali. The batik prints popular there become perfect enhancements to add spark to business dress or pantsuit. Men can use the island prints as a handkerchief with a suit.